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Refrigerator Johnny! 100% Anton! Crazy Gains the Investment Clown! Artisanal Porn Hutch proprietor Pat O'Clabber! Reign In Fudge! The Iron Dairy Maiden's Specials! Mack the Naif! The Cocksman!
Squeeze My Lemon

Speed Metal Dating

Crazy Gains + A.T.M Machine!

Underneath A Bridge

Muscle Bench
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Bird Watching

Bad Form + Iron Dairy Maiden!

Cream Pie

Everything Happens For A Reason

'Roid Resignation
Bean Cream + A Little Dab'll Do Ya!

Fast Mover


Nietzschean Nimrod + Porn Hutch!

Mack The Naif
Mr. Fantasy

Ride The Lightning

Balloon Dogs

Safety, Warmth, and Comfort

The Cocksman
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