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The Tiramisu Trap! A beaver wearing a disco hat! A stripper from The Fur Vault! The Cocksman's series of childrens' books! Pregnancy pornography! Patina Frottage! The Post-Coital Topic Sock! Sir Loin! Herman Manspray! Metal band "Chagrin"!
The Tiramisu Trap

The Last Refuge of Scoundrels

Rub Her Baby Bumpers

Trial Relationships

Constant Reassurance Provider
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A Beaver Wearing A Disco Hat

Kids' Books by The Cocksman

The Real Me

The Post-Coital Topic Sock

Epistolary Romance
Netherland Raunch

Slave to the Grind

Say Hello to Patina Frottage

Endless Love

A Bigger Boat

Think Global, Screw Locals

I Am Me And You Are You

Rubbing Off

No Yokos

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