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The Product Cock! Crosstown Ass Traffic! "Turtle Interminabilis"! The Ombudsman! Dong Quixote! "The Thing That Should Not Be"! Raisin Clods! Bandana Havoc! Diaper Bag, The Art Journal! Pucker! Johnny's mommy! Armitage Shanks!
The Product Cock

Don't Eat the Brown M&Ms

The Ombudsman II


Refrigerator Johnny's Biography
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Crosstown Ass Traffic

You Call This Freedom?

Laying Eggs

Trick or Treat

Armitage Shanks's Art Camp

Turtle Interminabilis

The Tire Swing & The Fan Dam

"The Thing That Should Not Be"

No Cure For Self-Expression
Played Out

The Ombudsman

"Two Wild Cards Make A Pair"

The Declinists

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